Ardent MINI FAQ's

What’s the Ardent MINI’s capacity for activation and infusion?
The Ardent MINI can decarb up to 1 ounce of flower, depending on the density of the material, and infuse up to 6 ounces of oil (this also depends on the amount of flower submerged in the oil).
Is the Ardent MINI dishwasher safe? If not, how do I clean the Ardent MINI?

No, the Ardent MINI is not dishwasher safe. Please hand wash the inside of the unit only (if not using a glass jar) between uses.

Remove the top black ring by twisting off and pour water into the unit to soak but don’t submerge. Make sure it’s thoroughly dry before each use.

Does the Ardent MINI come with a custom carrying case?
Yes! The MINI includes a custom carrying case at no additional cost.
Is the MINI’s purple body made out of plastic?
No, the Ardent MINI’s purple body is made out of metal.
Does the Ardent MINI have a removable canister?

No, the Ardent MINI has an inner cavity made of stainless steel and it is not a removable canister.

Is the MINI odorless?
Yes! A discreet appliance that blends in seamlessly with your other kitchen gadgets.
Are the Nova accessories compatible with the Ardent MINI?

No, the Nova accessories are not compatible with the Ardent MINI. The accessories compatible with the Ardent MINI are:

1. Gen 2 Frainer

2. Infusion Mold

(Fear not – more MINI accessories will be available in the upcoming months!)

Can I travel with my MINI?
Yes, the Ardent MINI comes with a carrying case for a reason! Before your travel begins, just make sure the device doesn’t have any plant material inside and clean up any residue. You can use soap and water by hand. Place it in your checked bag, or take it with you through the scanner as your carry-on. Don’t forget these magic words: “It’s a cooking device.”
Can I use a glass or mason jar inside the Ardent MINI?
Yes, just make sure the glass or mason jar is tempered/heat resistant.
Can I bake using the Ardent MINI?
Yes! While the Ardent MINI does not include a “Bake” setting like its big sister, Ardent FX, you can use the A2 setting to bake something small directly in-unit. In the upcoming months, we will be sharing recipes showing you how to bake tiny treats using the MINI.
Can I leave the Ardent MINI plugged in when I’m done using it?
We recommend unplugging the Ardent MINI when you’re done using it.
Is the Ardent MINI available in 220V?
The Ardent MINI is currently available in 110V (US & Canada). We do not have estimated timing on when the MINI will be available in the 220V version.
Do you wish to be notified when the Ardent MINI 220V is available?
Send us an email to requesting to be notified when the Ardent MINI 220V is available and we will add you to the list.
Can the Ardent MINI 110V be used in a country or location where the default electrical outlets work with 220V such as Europe, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc?
No, we do not recommend using the Ardent MINI 110V in a country or location that works with 220V electrical outlets as this will require you to use a voltage converter. We advise against using s as this voids the prconverteroduct's warranty.
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