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Do I need an electrical converter outside of the US?
Our 220V units are designed to be used outside of the US. If a 110V unit is used on a 220v system, this will void any and all warranty options.
Why should I use an Ardent decarboxylator as opposed to an old-fashioned method (Oven, crockpot, toaster oven)?
The old-fashioned methods are highly ineffective due to the inconsistency in the heating process. When you use an oven, crockpot, or toaster oven to decarb material, you are getting a much lower rate of decarb. This can result in loss of THC during decarb. The Ardent Decarboxylators provide you with consistent heating at the optimum temperature that provides the most consistent THC activation.
Is it a small oven that gets hot enough to decarb your flowers so you can eat them straight?
Yes! Sounds awesome right?! However, unlike an oven, our Products use a perfect heating arc to decarb right every single time. The flower is instantly edible and patients can make sublingual packs and topicals too!
Can you infuse alcohol in the unit?
Alcohol alone is plenty strong enough of a solvent to basically instantly infuse, there's no need for heat during the process. The best method we have found so far is to decarb your product, and then do a cold infusion adding the decarbed product to alcohol and storing it in a cool dark place. Heating alcohol in your Ardent device will void any warranty or exchange.
Can you infuse the same oil twice?
Yes, after decarb and infusion in the Nova or FX, the infused oil can be re-infused again with additional decarbed plant material. We call this infusion boosting. You can check out more information on this here
After I infuse, how much THC is left in the bud?
The bud that is left after decarb is the raffinate. We have done test on the raffinate to determine how much THC is left. You can check out the results here
How does it affect terpenes?
The NOVA™ and FX use the lowest possible temperature for decarb while still maintaining the max amount of terpenes. The containers on both products are airtight preventing escape.
Where can I register my device?
You can register your device here
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